Delivering Medicines

  • Viatris chartered our own aircraft to ensure a continuous supply of medicines when other airlines were grounded.
  • In response to a surge in demand for intensive care medicines, we partnered with our industry association, Medicines for Europe, to create a strategy to increase supply and meet patient needs.

Protecting our Employees

  • We have taken extra precautions to protect site personnel and operations, including implementing social distancing measures, daily health assessments and split shifts where feasible, access to on-call doctors 24/7, professional counseling, quarantine care, advisory services, home isolation kits, and a wide range of benefits and programs that are locally customized to meet the unique needs of employees.
  • We launched an Employee Wellbeing and Assistance Program (EWAP), providing professional counseling to employees and their families. We gave sessions and webinars supporting mental health and provided special health insurance coverage over and above the standard for employees, spouses and children.

Maintaining Production

  • Despite unprecedented disruptions to international trade, our robust supply chain management processes and systems enabled us to maintain customer service levels over 90% throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Because of strong relationships with our logistic suppliers and our global and diverse supply chain, we were able to pinpoint specific low stock levels across the network and prioritize shifts in supply around the world on a daily basis.